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A few weeks ago now, Emy gave me a box of worms because I had finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at starting my very own worm bin.

I was nervous. It seemed like such a daunting task to make sure these little wormies stayed alive, that they had the right balance of things. I was supposed to be the one pulling that off?!?

But I had said I wanted them. And Emy had so graciously brought them. So I had to give it my best try.

After reading about 10 different articles about how to build and maintain a thriving worm bin. I settled on these build instructions and these care instructions via Emy.

And I was off! After, preparing the tubs (and successfully using a power drill for the first time, thank you very much), I mixed in some moist shredded newspaper, the worms that Emy had gave me that also already came along with some compost from her bin, and some wetted down cardboard.

Then it was time to…wait. Apparently newly housed worms take a little time to settle in before getting to work. That of course did not stop me from popping the lid off every day just to poke and prod a little to make sure they were alive.

Like I said at the beginning, it’s been a few weeks now and I am happy to report that they are…still alive! And I think doing well…? The bin has remained odor free, moist (which is I’m pretty sure the only time besides cake where that’s a good thing), and full of wriggly worms. I’ve been a little conservative in how much I’ve fed them, figuring that under-doing it is better than overdoing it as the worms can always eat the newspaper bedding or the cardboard if they get hungry.

This worm bin has been one of the many things that felt too daunting to me before I started this program but have slowly become more accessible and possible for me, which is such a powerful feeling. I’m also hoping that some of my friends will see it and it will help them to feel like these things are a little more accessible and possible than they had once imagined too.