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This past month has felt calm and intentional. You can feel it on the farm, as well. The plants are all flourishing, but in a constant, slow and steady pace. It’s as if the Earth, herself, is at rest here. Gathering her strength, and the air in her lungs to cycle around the sun once more.

I feel much the same myself, and it seems to be a resounding energy.

A lot of the chickens have finished their molting periods and have beautiful new feathers. Their coats are so shiny and fresh, the fluff on the legs looks more like fur at such a fresh stage.

It really has been calm, and now that the Holidays are over it also feels very quiet.

As if everything is settling into it’s new skin, trying to get comfortable before beginning new growth.

The mornings are still crisp, and our breaths are still vivid.

I, too, am molting. And I can feel so many new feathers coming in.

I can tell when a hen has laid an egg now, from the sound of their squawks.

It’s almost as if they’re filled with utter excitement, exclaiming, “I did it! I did I guys, I made something really amazing!”

Sometimes I feel silly, in the way in which I personify everything;

but I swear these gorgeous little creatures have the most unique personalities.

So much like our own, even within all of their differences.

Cheers to enjoying a slow awakening,

cheers to a new rotation.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the week.

Phenomenal display of nature in the form of a giant radish.

I always swoon over the aesthetics of the CSA salad box.

Daikon and beets offering the perfect contrast.

An abundance of fungi growing on one of the compost piles.


I named this one Floof (they pretty much all have names now..).. and this is Floof right as she is about to fluff herself.

This is Floof’s cute little butt. C’mon, you know it’s cute.. just look at how floofy it is!!

Farm kitty cuddle party, because even though they won’t let anyone near them, they’re still cute as hell.