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As you may know or not know the chickens are fed pretty nicely here at Sarvodaya farms . They are fed an all organic scratch and peck feed, they are fed fat juicy grubs, and of course wheatgrass. The wheatgrass I feel is so important and essential to the chickens nutritional diet. They really enjoy eating it from what I see once we place the grass in their roaming area. This week my team and I (also with the help of Sara’s fabulous penmenship) made the wheatgrass station quite presentable.Thank you Laurette for being so detailed oriented, your vision made the whole thing come tother. It was very neat to watch you get in that zone.

I feel making the area personalized really added some more life to the chicken area. The station sort of looks like a wheatgreass stand where one could buy some fresh wheatgrass from. I sure would! It is a huge plus to be able to have quick access to the wheatgrass and be able to tend to it ourselves. Hopefully we can continue to keep the wheatgrass growth as well as the nursery team has kept it so far. Wish us luck!

Here are some picks of the station.