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I am so ready to rise at Sarvodaya’s Urban Farmer Training. I am just one of many Sarvodaya future farmer hopefuls willing to improve our communities and beyond through urban farming practices. I am so excited to make this 42 mile journey, three days a week for the next six months in order to be a student of an urban farmer family. For those who may not know, let’s explore what an urban farm is or can be and why it is important.

By definition, urban farming is the practice of growing, cultivating, processing and distributing food in an urban environment. This practice can also include animal husbandry aquaculture be keeping and more. I have been dreaming about my involvement in this practice for years because I realize the critical importance of becoming a food producer on a local level. For me the biggest and most important draw is food security. Have you ever paid attention to where your food comes from and what it takes to get it where you are? Have you given thought to how a labor strike or natural disaster anywhere in the world may affect or even disrupt service to your local markets? Considering these questions and answers perhaps you will have a new appreciation for the importance of an urban farm.

Urban farms like Sarvodaya are usually small lots more or less 1 to 3 acres dab smack in the middle of a residential, business or industrial area, schoolyards and rooftops. I have visited a few and what I love about them all is the incredible amount of diversity living in these densely packed farms. So many plant, fungus, animal, aquaculture, bug and insect species to delight the senses. And not to be overlooked, the diversity in people at each urban farm that I have seen has been inspiring and impactful. I have worked and studied along side various ages, races and nationalities, professions and socioeconomic backgrounds. As all of these different species of people converge from near and far to observe, study and learn Urban Farming and Agriculture I am hopeful that we will also learn how to work together so that ALL will be uplifted to help create and maintain food security for ALL!