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Hello Growing Club & CSA members!

Although we are well passed Spring Equinox, I finally feel like Spring is here. Today we harvested our first zucchinis (they are in the Large Boxes), after they had been languishing in the ground for weeks with our cloudy days and (SoCal) cold nights. During the last week, we also planted our first few beds of tomatoes and eggplant. In previous years, we had these plants started by the Cal Poly Pomona nursery for us, and it was so exciting to see us grow these plants in our brand new nursery. The nursery had really been the missing link in our farm ecosystem, and seeing it flourish under the care of our trainees has been very rewarding.

I also wanted to share today some astounding photos of the leeks we are now harvesting from what we planted wayyyy back in November (yes, it is a long season crop). Most leeks you see at the store are not planted the correct way, so they don’t have the long blanched stem they should have. We planted our the old-fashioned way, and we have extraordinary results to show for it. Our largest leek today was 2.4 pounds and taller then an average child. Here’s a photo of Elinor after harvesting (for small boxes) today.

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Until next time,

Farmer Rishi
Founder/Director, The Growing Club

Photos of the Week

Image credit: Brooke Ramos

Farmer Trainee’s Journal

This week’s CSA Box

(Please click each item below for a larger photo, description, and preparation instructions.)

Notes for This Week’s Box

See the notes below about celtuce!
Tip: Use the swiss chard stalk the same way you would use celery in soups and stews.

Large Box

– 1 salad box
– 1 head cabbage
– 1 bunch broccoli
– 1 fennel bulb
– 1  box turnips
– 1 bunch zuchiini
– 1 bunch lacinato kale
– 1 bunch Asian Greens

– 1 bunch Egyptian onions
– 1 bunch radishes

-2 lbs loquat

Small Box

– 1 salad box
– 1 head of cabbage
– 1 box of broccoli
– 1 fennel bulb
– 1 box of turnips
– 1 leek

– 1 bunch Egyptian Onion

– 1 lb loquat

Leafy Vegetables
In case your greens are wilted by the time you pickup your box, please follow these instructions:

– Fill a small bowl or tub with 1 inch of water
– Cut a 1/2 inch of the bottoms of the stems of your leafy greens
– Place greens, with stems down, into the bowl of water
– Leave the greens in the bowl overnight and by morning they should be rehydrated

Wrap your rehydrated greens in a towel and store the in the fridge. Summer greens like water spinach, moringa, and yam leaves don’t last long either way, so eat those as soon as you can.

The best way to store your herbs so that they keep longer is to cut the stems a little and place them in a glass filled with about an inch of water. Cover the leaves loosely with a bag and keep them in the refrigerator. Replace the water inside when it gets cloudy. This works great with basil, mint, cilantro, parsley, and many other herbs.

Please feel free to share your recipes with us and also any storing tips you may have. 🙂