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water spinach know by Asian as Kang Kong is a delicious, versatile and easy to prepare green. It’s also an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.

In the Kitchen

The whole plant is edible, leaf & stem. The leaves are mild in taste and can be easily substituted for lettuce in green salads. Chop the stems finely for use in salads, or chop a bit thicker for stir-fries.

water spinach, leaves can be used in almost anything – quiches, omelets, soups, casseroles, stir-fry’s anything that would benefit from some nutritious greens.

These green cook quickly so it’s best to add them to your dish at the last minute when combining with other longer cooking vegetables. When cooking separately like in a stir-fry these greens cook very fast. Stir-fried water spinach can be combined with tofu, eggs or bacon or garnish with crispy shallots and garlic to add more flavors.


Here is a video to help you make a delicious dish.