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I am but a part of the whole,

a single piece of the grand, living organism we call nature.

I flow with the dance of life,

carried by ancient and eternal energies,

extending infinitely into the past and future.

Who am I but an observer of this great spectacle,

a dancer in this cosmic dance?


I am infused with the responsibilities of a human being,

but I am not in control.

As an animal has an intrinsic nature,

so too do I have my place in this scheme.

I am here to assist in the will of the divine,

and so granted abilities of the heavens.

But I recognize my limited capacities,

my necessary finitude.

With understanding comes the unknowable.

Always, there will be a higher power.


My body is mortal, and one day it will die.

The patterns of nature are ever in flux, going and returning.

I am not separate from these realities,

and my being will go just as it has come.

But as I flow from life into death,

the energy given to me on loan will be transferred

back into the reservoir of abundance from whence it came.

And by this transmutation, new life will emerge,

as alive and conscious as I am when I record these words.

I will pick up where I left off,

continuing the flame of being, the will of the eternal.


Death is only real

to the extent you identify with your current permutation.

Do not be afraid,

we are part of the greatest show the universe has yet seen,

and the best adventures are always yet to come!