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Since the passing of my mother earlier this month, the subject of time, balance, and the purpose of life have been in the forefront of my consciousness.   Time is rapidly spinning out of control, so I have to purposely slow down and “watch the movie”, as the Hopi Indians say.

Procrastination and fear has played a huge role throughout my life.  As I contemplate the many years that have long gone astray, I question events, relationships, good and not so good decisions.

One great decision made was applying to Sarvodaya farm intern program.   Finally I could learn something that was useful for myself and could be shared with others.  I have learned a lot during last few weeks about farming, and myself.  Farming is more than growing food. It is growing a community.

Lately life has thrown various obstacles, and distractions in my path.  I am getting better at going over and around them.