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The Sweet Lemon, or sweet lime depending on who you talk to, is incredibly high in Vitamin C and has been a favorite of Mediterranean, Persian, and Indian cultures for centuries for that very reason. Native to Southeast Asia, the sweet lime suffers from a bit of an identity crisis here in the states. Despite its name, the sweet lemon isn’t especially loaded with sugar. It just lacks any kind of acidity, making whatever available sugar in the pulp pop, since it’s not competing with anything. The sweet lemon has a clean and slightly floral fragrance, concentrated — as with most lemons — in the rind. The pulp is very mild and succulent. It’s a squat, palm-sized fruit, nearly flat at the stem end and with a small nipple on the blossom side. And it does have seeds, few or many depending on the variety you get.

How to Eat /div>
The sweet lime is NOT sour at all. Just cut it up like you would an orange and bite into it.