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This picture captures for me, the essence of my farm experience. Even though I tire of the suburban/urban landscape that I live in, as I walk around and capture with awe and stillness the many ways that spring is popping on the farm, I am overwhelmed by the energy and vibrance of beauty. And the power of what we focus on.

On Friday, Rishi gave a very thorough tour to visitors from South Central who were inspired by the farm.  And it reminded me of how important it is to keep planting the seeds of peace, magic and beauty, rather than focus on or fight “what’s wrong.”  Those seeds blossom, attract and inspire. Planting them feels like exactly the end of the system I want to be on.

The high vibration of these wild peas simply being their exquisite selves, effortlessly unfolding and shocking us with their riot of color, the wildly relentless and hardy weeds underneath…demonstrate the impulse for aliveness, nourishment and healing in us all.

This is why I connect gardening to healing and why my vision for our family and my work is to bring people into spaces like this…reconnecting to the deep longings and wisdom within us.

Like this below….people coming together over lovingly prepared food, feeling the warm, welcoming energy of community.  A return to the sense of kindred community I often hear people long for without naming…

Sitting with everyone, in my favorite kind of kitchen (where crumbs are just tossed back to the earth), over delicious and nourishing food, my understanding is visceral.

These are the pieces, the seeds coming together, showing me their interconnectedness…

Every day at the farm, we are being given the tools and the model for making our vision a reality..and we are immensely grateful.