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My team partner recently asked, “So, what do you do when you’re not here?” With NO hesitation I said, “Dream about being here!” At the risk of sounding lovesick and infatuated, I LOVE THIS PLACE and I miss it when I’m not here. The labor, although tough at times is so rewarding. For this reason, I feel useful but not used. And because I learn something every time I’m here, I’m eager to do more.  It’s even hard to pull away at noon, so I usually keep working until a natural stopping point occurs. I’m living the dream. Mine, anyway.


I feel as though I have been initiated as a farmer, yet another reason I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “Why,” you ask? Well, last week my fingertips began splitting. First, my right index, middle and ring finger developed small painful fissures. I thought, perhaps I had cut myself while preparing a meal. It wasn’t until later in the week when the same fingers on the left hand started cracking in the same way, that I thought differently. After doing some surface-level research, I learned that I have farmer’s hands. Well, that’s not really a condition but, I just made it one. The sweet pain of hardworking hands. Although I try to keep gloves on, sometimes they just come off. Apparently the soil and various amendments are drying to the skin and can cause this condition. While I appreciate this experience, I will be mindful of gloves and moisturizer.


My team partner Reshama and I, are like children in the nursery. Pun Intended. We are actually being trained in the plant nursery in this first rotation. I love it! The nursery is so full of budding new life and potential. One can’t help but to be excited in this environment. As a result, any given farm day we can be found sharing and laughing and learning from the great Farmer Rishi, of course!