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Yikes! It has been awhile since I posted something. School, work and the internship has kept me very busy but I think I finally am getting into the groove of things. Hmm so what’s new? Well I started a tractor driving course at Mt. San Antonio college. I learned about different tractors and got to drive one. Oh and I learned how to use a clutch! When I first learned how to use a clutch it was in a intro motorcycle driving 3 day course. I caught on pretty quickly but I was still pretty clumsy on the motorcycle. In my mind I really thought that I was going to get the certificate of completion and be on my way to the dmv to get a motorcycle license. Unfortunately, on the third day those dreams got shattered. The instructor designed the course so that the trainees could practice how to go left and right on the motorcycle? I think was trying to make a left turn but instead I cranked the throttle and blanked out on how to stop the bike. So I was literally driving myself in full speed to a pile of rocks ahead of me. I crashed and luckily the only injuries I sustained was a small gash on the knee and my right toenail ripped off. But, hey! Other than that I was A OK!

A couple of weeks ago I became part of the nursery team. At the same time my nursery management class began and I learned a bit about Luther Burbank. The city of burbank is named after him and he was a pioneer in agricultural science. He created the Russet Burbank potato which has become the world’s predominant potato in food processing. He was really good friends with Thomas Edison and was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. I also learned a bit about Kate Sessions who created Balboa Park in San Diego.

Well I hope everyone had a great week! I will see everyone on the farm tomorrow! Have a great night!