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Introduction:  My name is Cheryl Renee Simpliss.  I am not familiar with blogging so bear with me in the coming weeks.   I am the mother of three grown people aged 36, 34, and 26.  I moved to Pomona from Los Angeles in 1988 without any research, just looking for an affordable nice house and neighborhood.  In 2015 I was released from indentured servitude otherwise known as retirement after serving 31 years 4 months.  Not to be exact.   I love almost all types of live music and dancing.  I don’t have a cell phone by choice.

I chose to apply to this intern farming program, because it is a fantastic deal and I really want to learn how to grow food, ecologically and sustainably.  It is important to provide food for oneself and not totally depend on outside sources such as grocery stores and restaurants.  I have not been in a structured learning environment in quite some time.  I am motivated and joyous for this opportunity.

My ultimate goal is to teach financially challenged people to grow, eat, and use better than organic food as nutrition and medicine.  Also, working with a hemp production farm to supplement my retirement stipend would be great.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the farm in the rain.  It has invigorated my soul and given a new purpose to my life.


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