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“Are plants intelligent?  Do they have consciousness?  Awareness?”


Back in January, when I first began this internship, if you would have asked me any of the previous question I would have looked at you with a sort of cockeyed stare.  “Are plants intelligent?  Of course not!”  In my former way of thinking intelligence goes like this: people are intelligent, animals like dogs and cats have some intelligence depending on the species, and plants and intelligence don’t even belong in the same sentence.  Sure plants grow and produce fruit and seeds and they definitely have a cycle, but all of that is just a part of their genetic expression.  They don’t have any say in how that expression manifests.  Boy was I wrong.

Plants have feelings!!! No, no, no, I’m not saying they cry or anything (but honestly I’m not saying they don’t) Plants sense their surrounding environment they way any living being does.  For example on the farm,  many of the winter greens have began to bolt in anticipation of the warmer weather to come.  Each season they have different expressions, because each season they respond to the volume of rain, the amount of sunlight and the temperatures in the air.  They are supremely intelligent, and I would argue much more intelligent than the domesticated animals that live at my house.  In my time at the farm I have seen how all life, animals and plants, are both supremely intelligent and aware.  My idea of this world is shifting as I start to see intelligence filling everything around me.


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  • rishi says:

    This is a great epiphany to have. All life is intelligent, and much more so than the “smart” gadgets we are now so enamored with.

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