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This week we let the new chickens out of their coops.  They have been cooped up 24/7 for the past week as we introduced the new flock to the remaining old flock.  The coops have been right next to one another with the burlap curtains up, to afford the chickens a view of one another, without being able to touch one another.  Manju said this helps the chickens get acquainted beforehand so that when they are put together there will, hopefully, be no drama as they establish their pecking order.  So far, so good.


Now that the chickens are loose in the chicken area, I have been able to see them in action and am getting to know their personalities.  We had already named some of the chickens: Holly (who is orange and black like Halloween), Jackie (who is Jack O’ Lantern colors), and Fally (who also has a fall color scheme).  On Friday, I realized that my favorite looking chicken, Jackie, is also my favorite acting chicken.  Jackie likes to pose on the tree stumps and has a lot of presence.  She has a gorgeous coat which is black with bright orange peeking through.  I asked my teammate Maya if it was okay if we revised her name to Jackie O.  Maya is 11 and didn’t initially know who Jackie O was, but now she does.  So that’s how my favorite chicken came to be named after a former first lady.


Pictured above is our youngest urban farmer intern, 5 year old Sabi, kissing his new favorite chicken at the farm: an orange bantam which got lots of love this week.  As much as the farm is about favorites – grabbing the pitchfork that fits in my hands the easiest, choosing the most cooperative of the wheelbarrows – it’s also about just being here and taking it all in.  In that respect, it is really hard to choose a favorite.  I embrace it all!