Our Farmers

Rishi Kumar

Head Farmer

Manju Kumar

Farm Manager

Lynn Fang

Master Composter

Lynn Fang received her Master’s in Compost Biology at the University of Vermont and works to educate the community about soil health through workshops and classes. She leads the Sarvodaya Farm’s Master Composter Training Program and believes in the power of healthy soil to grow resilient communities. She is available for consultations on soil/compost.

Katie Lewis

Farmer Training Program Manager

Katie Lewis went through the Farmer Training Program in 2015 and now helps coordinate the Sarvodaya Farms’ Farmer Training Program and CSA program.  Katie is a treatment free beekeeper who believes that symbiotic relationships with these insects are vital to human’s food system and general well being, as well as being helpful to bee populations.  Katie has a background in visual art and social work.

Our Farmers in Training

Coming soon!