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Just this past week, our favorite bantam chicken was attacked by what we think was some kind of animal. She was the smallest of the chickens my team tends for in this current rotation. Her name was Holly named by Sabriel and she was beloved by almost anyone who visited the chickens.

When we found her, she was half eaten or pulled apart. Sorry this photo is graphic! But perhaps it will help us further investigate the causes of her untimely death.

Silvia helped to facilitate a gathering and ceremony to mourn the loss of Holly and also help her transition. I’m really glad she helped us hold a circle, because frankly it all happened so quickly. We were rushing to put away the chickens in time for weekly check in and then we found her and called Manju over. While we were late to check in, the chicken team+ Sabi, Manju, and Silvia were able to share memories and collect wildflowers as we buried her.

Losing a life is never easy, and I don’t think it ever gets easier. However, I am thankful that we as a group could hold space for one another. It’s kind of funny how we as a team celebrated the death of 2 gophers we were able to catch while on the fields team, while the death of Holly was very sad. I guess this is all a part of nature and the cycle of life or the cycle of death, depending on how you look at it. All those that died on the farm continue to feed our eco-community whether it is through cats eating the gophers, or the remains of Holly giving back to the soil and the microbes that will break her down and build the nutrients there. When I was working on a farm in New Orleans, we were raising ducks and there was a morning where we found like 5 dead ducks spread out throughout the back plot. They were killed by dogs that roam the neighborhood. We buried them throughout the farm and that summer those spots were buried them in had seriously some of the most lucious soil I had seen throughout the farm. Crazy how something like dogs took their life but they continued to give back past its death.

I know I can be more conscious of keeping my giving and taking to be more harmonious and in balance. everything is like a relationship- you can never take too much or give too much- theres always gives and takes for relationships to be healthy.