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This week my team and I started Nursery duties and I was excited. I wanted to start the nursery for the longest (since I started my internship). The nursery team seemed to be the most relaxing of the teams. I mean being gentle and tending to little plant babies is something you have to do with care and patience. I liked the idea of slowing it down and taking your time because in the fast pace I tend to love to be in it is good for me to learn to slow it down. The nursery was originally smaller and as my internship has progressed the station started to grow and come into full circle. Seeing the growth and progression of the nursery was exciting and I couldn’t wait to start my time in the nursery.

The most important part of duties is the watering the plants in the nursery. My first instinct was to not water as much and to be frugal with the amount of water I was giving to the plants/seedlings, but as I learned it is better to be generous with the watering. It is important to also note that as rishi has stated so many times, the soil must be moist, not wet. This is important to keep in mind and having a general idea of how much you should be watering. By making sure your plants/seedlings aren’t being over or under watered. Again this means taking your time when watering (slowing it down).

I’m also excited to see the growing of seed to seedling; it fascinates me being able to see the growth of a vegetable in such early stages. So happy to be in nursery , saved the best for last !