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A few weeks ago I moved from animal team to the nursery. While I was bummed to say goodbye to the chickens, I was eager to learn how to grow plants from seed. I’d say I have mild success in not killing plants, but sorely lack in helping them grow and thrive. It’s been a learning experience, to say the least! For starters, who knew such little pockets of soil could hold so much water? Now all I can think of are my poor houseplants gasping for a drink.

So far, planting seeds feels like a delicate process. Making little holes for the seeds, but not too deep or not too shallow, filling the holes with vermiculite so they can be covered but easily push their way through, gently watering with a sprinkling (not misting) stream three times a week. It can be a lot to remember for a gardening/farming novice!

This past week we focused on building a canopy for the nursery. In the morning we started with a pile of pipes and joints, and by the end of the week we had the nursery tables neatly covered with 30% shade cloth! It was incredibly satisfying to do a little math (can’t say I’ve used that part of my brain in a while), cut a bunch of metal pipes, and finally put together a simple framework to hold up the shade cloth. With the temperatures quickly warming up (I can’t believe it’s already hit 90 degrees!), this shade will be nice not only for the little plant babies growing up, but for myself and the fellow nursery team to work under in the following weeks.