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Good evening everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Working on the farm this week was very relaxing. The various tasks that were assigned to us were very fun and gave me a bit of peace. As I entered the chicken area I noticed what I think are apple trees start to blossom. The sight of their flowers filled me with joy and tranquility that I started to wonder why I do not spend more time in nature. Later on as I was working on the fields Katy pointed out the fractal shapes of the romanesco broccoli. It was really cool to see the shapes in person as opposed to seeing them on paper. All the beautiful shapes and sights that mother nature produces helps me find some inner peace. I even notice it when I am tending to my plants at home. Everyday I look at my plants in great detail and I observe their colors, the way they are growing and how they smell. This process clears up my mind and makes me feel good that I am taking care of this beautiful green life form. I am really happy that I have decided to center my life and career with plants. Never in a million years would I have imagined that. These next couple of years will be very exciting and I cannot wait to see what else I learn next.