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The mint leaf is used both as a culinary herb as well as a medicinal herb. In the world of medicine, mint has shown to promote healthy digestion, relieve acne, prevent cancer, and can be a natural stimulant, relieving symptoms of depression or fatigue. It has been used to improve oral health. Others have used it as a remedy for nausea. The mint can be chewed on or also be used in a tea when trying to best benefit from its medicinal properties.

In the Kitchen

mint is very versatile. The ​leaves can be added to meat dishes, salads, and soups. ​Add mint to your fresh ​fruits​, or add it to yogurt, along with cucumber, garlic, salt to taste, ​make chutney by blending it with lemon​ juice, ginger, onion. ​

​Muddle your drinks with mint, add it to iced tea, or iced fruit drink​s​.

It pairs great with chocolate! (See Dark Chocolate mint Leaves recipe below). 🙂


Organic Cucumber Raita

Organic Mojito

Chocolate Dipped mint Leaves

Corn Salad with Tomatoes, Feta and mint