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This is me with Sabi and my cousin that we brought to visit the farm.

These two chickens Falla and Sweetie both have passed away.  I am very sad because these two were my favorites.  As you can see we brought them both out to get the bugs that day.

I’ve had chickens almost my whole life and it’s always hard to have a chicken die.  Especially the bantam hen, because I had a bantam hen when I was younger.  She was a big puffball, a black silkie hen, and so of course, I named her, “Puffy.”  The other chickens picked on her, so I had her in a separate little area.  She had one chick and the chick’s name was Millie.  She was very loving and caring and great mom.  I would put food in my hand and she would pick it out right from my hand.  One day after a long time of having her, she went missing.  A few days later, my mom found her dead in a plastic bag that had hay in it.  She had pecked her way in but could not get out.   My heart was broken, because she was my special chicken.  I drew a picture of her and me with a heart up above it and I put it on my wall.  I still think about her often.

So when the bantam hen at the farm, died, I felt really sad. All my other teammates, me, Sabi, Manju and my mom picked flowers and said a little something about her, above her resting place.

Falla was an Americana hen, and me and Laurette named her Falla because she had Fall colors.  She died because she got sick and lost her voice.

This picture is a great memory picture. I’m glad I really got to know them for as long as I did.