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Nearly every day, my children hear me exclaim something like, “Look how beautiful this is! Look at the patterns!” as I chop vegetables or fruit.  To me, the every day eating and cooking we do is a form of art and experience of the sublime that nourishes the soul.  I am literally in awe at the complexity and intricate beauty of all plant life.  So it was not surprising, yet still poignant to me, when Manju sliced this orange and we saw hearts in it.

Yes, of course, on the farm the fruit (the produce, the soil, the people) is filled with LOVE.

I also love my dirty fingernails in this pic. This is my new normal. I have stopped apologizing for soil in my fingernails. Instead I think of the healthy microbes there hitching a ride from Lynn’s fab compost to my world, inoculating us.  (This also helps me, when my five year old refuses to wash the dirt out of his nails)

And here we are!  These sprouts unfolding beautifully into the unique bloom that they are meant to be. And the vegetables they are holding are amazing too 😉  I’m so proud and impressed at the way they have each made and are making this experience their own.

And as I look behind us and reflect on that this is just a half acre in the midst of an urban environment…I am hopeful for all of our future happiness together and wherever each of our roads lead us individually. I know that our time here will always be with us.

For me, the closer I feel to true joy and connection (within, with the plants, with others), the more palpable my YES is, the more all the other distractions fade away.  I resist less and smile wider.


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  • Valentina Garcia says:

    You made a wise choice, Sylvia, in bringing your family to Sarvodaya!
    You and the kids have learned so much about the farm and about life. So many good things!

  • Manju Kumar says:

    I love having the kids on the farm, it’s as it should be.

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