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The jamun fruit is sweet and can be beneficial to those with diabetes and can also be anti-diabetic. It is a rare fruit that comes from South India. The jamun fruit is both edible and medicinal. It is known to relieve digestive issues, among many other symptoms. As an astringent fruit from Asia, it actually treats a wide range of things, from acne and oral health, to ulcers and balancing blood sugars. The seed also has medicinal properties. It is known to be healing for gout. The seed can be made into powdered form for ingestion. This fruit does stain so it can also be used as a natural dye.

In the Kitchen

The jamun fruit does not have to be refrigerated. You can eat it right out of your hand or use the fruit for a dessert recipe. Leave the fruit outside of the fridge and its sugar will start to condense and intensify as it ripens and it can be eaten even when it is dried.


jamun are a great snack to eat fresh! But there are a couple traditional Indian recipes you might try:
jamun Raita

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