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I am an indecisive person.

My problem being that I feel equal about all of the things that I enjoy.

As my best friend would say, “You love everything.” And she’s right, I do. But in addition to the countless of other healthful benefits that Sarvodaya has brought into my life, it has encouraged some feelings of decisiveness. Even if in a, still, vague manner. It feels as if I’ve been there before. As if I’ve done all of this. It feels natural, and familiar. And when I speak of it to others I can hear it in my voice –how it moves me. How passionate I feel about this. And the more I consciously navigate it the clearer that it becomes that this is what I want. Well, to be in this world, at least. Tending to the earth. I’ve realized that I am immensely interested in ecology. In the relationships between things. In the relationship between humans and nature, and why it is that we seem to see ourselves as a separate entity. How to aid in the development of a mutually beneficial relationship between Humankind, and the rest of the living creatures upon this planet.

The potential intelligence of other creatures astonishes me. Most specifically of plant life, and our friendly little (not so) creepy crawlers. I believe that all creatures hold intelligence far beyond most of our preconceived notions. And that in turn each ecosystem, being compiled with intelligent life forms, are conscious “mega-organisms” themselves. Similar to my understanding of “God”.

I don’t yet know what will come with this interest in ecology, but I can feel something exciting and new, sprouting freshly beneath my skin. I look forward to experiencing it’s evolution.

For any of you who may also be interest in plant intelligence, I highly recommend “The Brilliant Green”, by Stefano Mancuso. It’s a light read, but it will keep you entirely captivated none the less.

Last week was the beginning of my chicken duty rotation. For the first day Manju and I cleaned and moved both coops. It wasn’t too difficult, as cleaning seems to be one of the strange super powers that I have (Along with finding thing. Seriously, I can find anything, it’s creepy..)

It feels good to tend to the chickens. I love observing them, watching as they interact with one another. Listening to the different sounds each one makes according to what it is they are encountering. I absolutely adore watching them dust themselves, which is their form of bathing –but in dirt. The way they fluff up all of their feathers and burrow themselves into the earth.

Here are some random fun facts on chickens.


And here is an interesting article on the social behavior of chickens.



I look forward to spending as much time with them as possible.

My gorgeous little feathered friends.