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This Wednesday we discussed having purpose when designing our garden and/or farm.  This makes sense, because you won’t know how/when/what to plant if you don’t have a plan and some needed intention behind it all.

Rishi said something I thought was amusing.  He gave us a little exercise to do in which we were to imagine what would be our intention for our gardens.

“If you have a space, think of what you would want in that space.  And I guess if you don’t currently have a space for farming or gardening, then you can create a magical garden in your minds”

– I loved that-


Every thing is created from some intention, and who is to say that my (or anyone’s) magical garden can’t one day be a real thing.  So I’m going to imagine pretty hard.  (And maybe you should too!)

For starters this garden is filled with fruit trees- avocados, mangos, papaya, apricots and my personal favorite figs.  Its a meditative and healing garden with greens growing in spirals rather than rows.  It’s a garden that is so attractive to birds that some would even call it a bird sanctuary because of all of the tropical birds that perch in the trees.  Since water is healing and therapeutic, I would also have a small pond that gets shaded every summer by the tall trees that surround it.

The best thing about this garden is that you are ALL welcome to it…but I might need an investor first!