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Hello beautiful people! I hope everyone had a lovely week and weekend. This morning I went to the Claremont Farmer’s market. Now, I have been to a farmer’s market before but I never purchased any items. Usually, I would just walk around and observe what vendors were selling. But, today was different and I attribute this change to Elinor’s Food Preparation and Nutrition Course. Also, working on the farm has made me really think about what I am eating. A few weeks ago when all the interns sat around and checked in, Manju asked us to define health and my answer was treating my body as a temple. Unfortunately, I have not been treating my body that way religiously. But, working at Sarvodaya and being exposed to so much information on plants and food has made me taken a serious stance on what I am eating. Furthermore, I will be turning 26 years old this year (OMG) and I really want to have a healthy functioning body as I get older.

Along with eating healthy I must also include physical activity in my life. Earlier this week I saw a show on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design. It features various artists from different industries whose works shape the world we live in today. They featured Nike’s Air Jordans designer Tinker Hatfield. This guy has blood of an 18 year old. He skates, surfs, does crossfit etc. and he is 65 years old! I can’t even walk outside my house! As soon as I take those first steps outside my heart is pumping, I’m out of breath. I don’t really feel like that but I am a lazy slob. But I want to be that guy when I am 65 years old. I need to approach physical activity in a different way. Like Traci said a couple of Wednesday’s ago health also includes your mind and spirit. There is so much that I am learning but I am really happy that I get to work and interact with awesome people that really care to make a difference.