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When I first started the nursery team, I was admittedly not terribly excited. I grew up thinking I did not have a green thumb and now I had to grow them from seed? It seemed a little boring, like watching grass grow, to be honest (sorry Rishi!!). Now that our six week term has ended I’m a little sad to go. There were so many parts of the nursery that were unexpectedly satisfying and meditative. Watching the different ingredients of potting soil get mixed together, soaking and breaking up a block of coconut coir (seriously fun stuff), sifting a bin full of Lynn’s compost, and even the seemingly never-ending process of watering all the pots and seedlings could put me in a contemplative state. Even the smell of fish fertilizer became a part of our routine, though I can’t say I’ll be sad leaving that behind. It also helped that being in the nursery worked with my natural inclination to tasks that require attention to detail, like putting a single seed in each cell with an indentation measured to the correct fraction of an inch depth.

From feeling apprehensive and clueless to gradually gaining confidence as plantings grew, it dawned on me that I may not have a black thumb! Perhaps this whole time I didn’t have the right tools to put me in the right direction, like the nutrient rich compost, ample water, and a healthy dose of sunlight. The seeds have sprouted, they’ve been lovingly watered, and they will soon be planted into beds as we move along to the fields team. We will no longer be under the luxurious shade cloth but I’m excited to transplant and watch the plants grow to their full size.