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Over the weekend an acquaintance of my husband’s (so, a complete stranger to me) shared his two cents on GMOs. His instagram post stated that GMOs are not inherently bad, and that “there are good ones out there like golden rice that are saving millions of people in the country of Africa.” Now, seeing this sort of information all over the internet is not new or news, but this person has a following as an exercise and nutrition expert and I could not turn a blind eye. At first, my mind could not decide on where I should even begin. I started out writing a short comment that ended up being 500 words. Whoops! There was just too much to cover! In the end, I simply wrote, “Golden rice is still in development and has yet to be commercially grown and distributed. It is being created for countries in Asia, not Africa, as their staples are tubers and not rice. Source: International Rice Research Institute, the organization behind golden rice (irri.org).” I felt that my response was unbiased and did not attack him in any way, but invalidated¬†his argument that because golden rice exists, GMOs are OK. Yet only 30 minutes later my comment was deleted, while others that praised his thoughts stayed up.

This encounter frustrated me but also reminded me of a conversation we had on the farm during one of our Wednesday check-ins. No matter how you approach it, there will always be people who do not want to see or listen to any view points other than their own. What can you do? My response during check-in was to lead by example, which I obviously did not follow this time around. I wish their was a one-size-fits-all answer approach this, but for now I guess my best option is to put my head down and focus on what’s important to me.