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How time flies when you are having fun!  It was just yesterday when the air was so hot and we were  sweating all day trying to find some shade while working.  Now into winter, we feel the chill of the air and dryness from the cold.  Most of us here are relieved and continuously giving thanks for a break from the oppressive heat.  The farm keeps on ticking and producing so many delights.  There have been new radishes, napa cabbage, kale, chard, sweet peas, diakon radishes, parsley, basil, mint, and many tasty lettuces harvested over the weeks.  Seeds are being planted and trellises are coming down.   The natural rhythm of life hums on.

Our gentle sweet qualls had there last stay at the farm and a feast was lovingly enjoyed last week.  The chickens are doing great, producing eggs continuously.  A few of the chickens are molting with the onset of fewer daylight hours.  Molting is when the chicken sheds its feathers and stops producing eggs during this time to give it more energy to make new feathers.  This process happens in cycles throughout the life of the chicken as is appropriate to its age and the weather.  Molting helps the integrity of the feathers and keeps chickens warmer in colder weather.


Needless to say our farm chickens have grown on me in the past weeks.  I think of them and worry for them as the longer days come when we are not there on the weekends.  But rest assured they have a wonderful loving life at the farm and proceed to bring nutritious eggs and lots of love to anyone who sees them.

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  • Valentina Garcia says:

    Thanks, Susan, for your definition of molting. I’ve heard of chickens molting but wasn’t quite sure of the process or reason for it. I’m a city gal and am learning about farming from you and the other interns’ posts so I appreciate the details of your days at Sarvodaya.
    Nice photos although for some reason this time when I clicked on each one it doesn’t enlarge. But nice photos none the less!

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