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Last week I wrote about cover cropping and sure enough Rishi had us cover cropping an area back by the fruit trees and chickens.  Sections were planted in the past seasons and we were filling in one section that was still barren.  A seed mix of peas, flaxseeds, vetch, rye, wheat and clover were used.   They came in premixed bags and one that Rishi made on his own.  As a follow up to last my last entry and testimony that it was quite easy, here is what we did.  First we just racked the soil to even it out and break it up.  Then spread some seeds and covered with manure and mulch.  Now it’s just a waiting game to see some seeds sprout.  That was it!  On our road to help with soil erosion, soil fertility, soil moisture, curb weeds and pest and increase biodiversity.  Wow, so helpful and so easy!  It is always enriching to read about something and then do it!

Here are some pictures:


Seed mix


Rishi showing us the seeds that spouted before…


New area we planted!


This is what we should see soon!