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Monday morning felt like a mellow morning, relaxing, cold, cloudy with only a few of us at the farm, as some are gone for the holidays. The compost pile was smaller than usual as well, but it just looked so beautiful to me, must have been the pink hues of the dried leaves that were used.

Our nice little pile of compost.

As we went out to the field on Wednesday to harvest for the CSA boxes, I happen to notice some steam coming from the compost area. I got closer and I was so amazed at how it looked, as one the beds was really showing off its heat in this cold morning.

Steaming compost pile!

Just a quick little video that shows the steam of the pile:

Farm looking beautiful on CSA day.

For class, we learned about the Plant life cycle, and when I got home I remembered how my seedlings were starting to look at my house in terms of what we just had talked about in class. Part of what we talked about was Monocot vs. Dicot plants. Corn and bamboo are Monocotyledons, which have one cotyledon, the baby leaf of the plant. Leaves grow in the center, and up, and push out the outer leaves. Plants like Kale, lettuces, peas, basically most veggies other than orchids and grasses, like bamboo, corn, cereal grains etc., have two baby leaves that come out when the seed splits apart and sprouts. They grow on the outside, and keep extending just like a tree. That’s when I noticed “oh that’s how my baby spinach looks!” I started some seedlings with my kids at work, before they went on to winter break and this will be a good observation and lesson to talk about with them. I took some close up pictures of two of seedlings to show what I am talking about!

Spinach and Cilantro seedlings pictured here:

The seeds are inside the purple circle, and the blue arrows are pointing to the first two leaves of the Spinach!


These are my cilantro seedlings, you can see the seed and the two leaves as well.