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A couple of posts back I talked about some seedlings I started with my kids. The farm was the reason why I decided to try and grow my own, since we are also learning how to start seedlings at the farm. Although I may not have all the supplies/amendments that the farm has, like vermiculite, coconut fiber etc., I wanted to give it a try :). So, for this week with the kids, we dissected a seed, and learned a little anatomy of the seed, and talked about the cotyledon and first true leaves. I took some of the seedlings with me so they can see for themselves, and see how their seeds grew!

Here are my seedlings from home:

Here is a dissected bean that my kids did:

Up close to what the kids got to see, the purple arrow is pointing to the cotyledon leaves, the ones that come out of the seed first. The orange arrows are pointing to the first true leaves of the plant :

We have been having some rainy days at the farm and on Wednesday since it’s CSA day, we all worked in the rain with the interviewees, it was actually pretty fun!

Farmers hands working with wet soil <3 :

Broccoli looking beautiful in this rain:

Peas enjoining it too:

Mushroom finds at the farm during the rain:

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  • Angelita says:

    Greetings Farmer Cindy,

    HEYYYY!!! THOSE ARE MY HANDS!!! Its so awesome to have made the cut of beautiful pictures. The “table top mushrooms” if you will, are GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing and good luck with those seedlings.


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