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Another delicious lunch at the farm.

We’ve been eating lots of sprouted, sourdough, fermented and soaked foods in our lunches that Elinor has prepared for our nutrition class lunches. Before this, I didn’t exactly know why these foods are so good for us, if made a certain way like being fermented, sprouted, soaked etc. On Friday we dug into why sprouting/soaking/ souring/roasting and fermenting seeds and grains are beneficial, and the reason why we should do it.

Reasons why seeds and grains shouldn’t be eaten raw or without a process like soaking or roasting, is that they contain Phytic Acid and enzyme inhibitors, which make it difficult to digest these foods. Phytic acid is Phosphorus stored in Nuts and seeds. It binds to minerals like, magnesium, zinc and calcium in our bodies, which can stop absorption of nutrients into our bodies. It also inhibits enzymes like Pepsin and Amylase, which are enzymes needed for digestion. This can later contribute to deficiencies in the body, for example: poor bone growth, anemia, and even osteoporosis! So, to keep enjoying seeds and grains, and their amazing nutritional value, we can just simply ferment, soak, sprout or roast to break down phytic acid, and make the nutrients available and digestible to us. Soaking reduces the phytic acid by about 20 %, sprouting about 50%, and Fermentation about 80 %.  This is just some of the info that Elinor has shared with us. Really appreciate her for the cooking and knowledge she has passed down in these nutrition classes. I feel like there’s still a ton for me to learn! I have seen how I have started to choose certain foods, or why I avoid certain foods. I haven even tried making some different things when I get to cook!

One of the main dishes that was made by Elizabeth and Elinor, lasagna. This one in the picture is the vegan version, with Fermented Coconut/Potato CHEESE. All I can say that it was AMAZING! Vegan or not all everybody loved it! 


Some homemade chocolate:

With some granola mix and cashew butter:

A shot of how our lunches usually look like, full of nutritious real food (it’s not even all of the food brought out that day):

There is a side dish that Elinor has made a few times, that I really loved. So, I tried it at home. Purple Sweet Potatoes, baked in the oven with coconut oil, salt and pepper. (Mine don’t look as good as hers though):

After class, Elizabeth showed us some cooking books that would be a great start for many of us: