Farmers in Training Journal

<p style=”padding:10px;”>Journal entries below are from Interns in our Farmer Training Program. These entries are mean to provide insight into the world of farming from the view of newcomers, and serve as an educational resource for our community. We hope you enjoy these journal entries as much as our interns enjoy their time on the farm! </p>

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  • Earth Mamas (Sylvia) Mayela’s name means ” Earth, mother, nurse, goddess.” Her name came to me as I connected spiritually and asked for the name that would reflect her essence. She has been Sabi’s second mama since birth and a tender caring soul to me throughout our journey together, she tends to the earth with a natural wisdom…and ...
  • The Memory Picture (Maya) This is me with Sabi and my cousin that we brought to visit the farm. These two chickens Falla and Sweetie both have passed away.  I am very sad because these two were my favorites.  As you can see we brought them both out to get the bugs that day. I’ve had chickens almost my whole life ...
  • Love at first snuggle I think we should call him Lightning because he runs as fast as lightning!
  • Nursery (Maya)   This week we switched stations. My team went to nursery! We learned about the watering, and how to make the finished soil (which is my favorite job)
  • stuff (Lucas) we shoveled stuff and made things grow
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