Farmer Training Program Suspended

The Sarvodaya Farms Farmer Training Program has been suspended as of Jan. 1, 2018. Thank you to all who have supported our program until now.

Urban Farmer and Composter Training Program

Summer/Fall 2017 Session Application Deadline: Friday October 13, 2017Apply Here.

Sarvodaya Farms is an educational urban farming program based in Pomona, CA. Our core goal here at Sarvodaya Farms is to train our community in the practices of regenerative ecologically-integrated farming. We hope to inspire as many people in our community as possible to become farmers, whether they be home farmers or commercial farmers. We see urban farming as essential to the fabric of the urban ecological web, as a way of providing healthy food to communities, regenerating neglected urban land, providing a space for grounding & connection, and empowering oppressed communities. As part of this goal, we accept interns into our program who are determined to learn how to become eco-farmers for the benefit of their community. Our farm internship program is for those who are truly invested in the idea of urban farming, ecological stewardship, community empowerment, and social justice. Interns must commit to a minimum 28 week time period, working and learning at the farm.

Program Details

Farmer Training Details

Our farmer training is a comprehensive 28 WEEK program designed to help anyone (including gardening novices) learn the basic ideas, skills, and techniques needed to operate an micro-scale ecological urban farm. During the farmer training, interns will be trained in our unique system of farming which balances the art of creating an ecosystem that sustainably and reliably produces large quantities of healthy food for humans, domesticated livestock, and wildlife while also connecting the farm to its larger community and purpose. Farmers in Training will gain understanding on subjects such as:

– understanding and increasing soil health
– creating and using high quality compost
– composting with worms – water management
– drip irrigation design and management
– urban livestock rearing
– plant propagation
– crop cycles and seasonality
– sales and marketing and more.

Our farmer training program also covers the deeper aspects of farming. Through readings and discussions, we will explore topics such as:

– appropriate technology
– equitable food access
– independence vs interdependence
– the myth of efficiency
– western civilization and the eco-apartheid
– humanities role as nature

Program Cost

$0 – This is a free program. Although our organization has limited capacity and funding, it is our goal to be able to provide this program for free to keep it accessible to people of all income levels. This program is not free for us to provide, and we are actively seeking funding to maintain the program. If you would like to help keep this program free, please support The Growing Club by making a donation or by becoming a Sustaining Member.

Commitments and Expectations

Farmer Trainees are required to 78 days of training during the 28 week training schedule. Our farm workdays are:

Mondays from 8am to Noon
Wednesdays from 7am to Noon
Fridays from 8am to Noon

Weekly Journal Entries
Farmer Trainees will be required to submit a entry to our Farmers-in-Training blog every week. See journal entries from our past trainees here. These journal entries serve as an educational resource to the public and help us track what our Trainees are learning..


Our Urban Farmer Training occurs primarily on our main farm site in Pomona, CA. Address:
1196 S San Antonio Ave
Pomona CA 91766

Farmer Training Internship Application

Summer/Fall 2017 Session Application Deadline: Friday October 13, 2017Apply Here.

Winter 2017/Spring 2018 Farmer Training Session Schedule
Written Application Deadline: Friday, October 13 2017
Interview Weeks: Monday, October 16 2017 through Friday, October 27 2017
Training Session Start: Monday, November 6, 2017 Training Session Completion: Monday, May 21, 2017

Application Process

Our Farmer Training Program has a 2-step Application Process. First, all applicants to the Farmer Training Program must complete the written application below. After the written application deadline (shown above), our staff will select the best applicants to continue to the second Interview Round. During the Interview Round, applicants will attend TWO full days on the farm. During this time applicants will have a chance to experience the farm and meet farm staff and current trainees. Farm staff will also review applicants during this process. After the interview round, farm staff will select EIGHT applicants as new Farmer Trainees who will start on the start date listed above.

Application Instructions & Tips

Sarvodaya Farm’s Farmer Training Program is unique among gardening/farming program’s that are offered within the Los Angeles area. We receive many applications to our program, and have very limited space to accept new interns (we open 8 trainee positions at a time). If you are serious about entering in to our program, read the following questions carefully, and answer them in a thoughtful and insightful manner. Our application questions are purposefully open-ended so that applicants can show their range of interest, inspiration, and intelligence.

We suggest that you copy the questions from the application below on to a another document where you can easily review your answers before submission and save them in case there is a problem with the application form or internet connection.

Take your time in completing this application. Answer thoughtfully and thoroughly. Your application will be reviewed based on the length, quality,and authenticity of your answers.