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This past week started out with my finding out that a trap I set last Friday caught a gopher over the weekend. That’s right… The trap caught a real, dead, kinda big, kinda gray haired, completely gross looking gopher. I didn’t get to see it in the flesh, but Chika was thoughtful enough to snap a photograph before she fed it to the cats. Thank you, Chika. It felt good to catch a gopher! It made me feel useful! Hopefully this catch saved a few vegetables and put the word out to the other gophers to be a good neighbor and stay below ground or something.

This week my team found out we are on “Animals” for the next six weeks. This means we will be responsible for taking care of the chickens and the cats. This will still involve plenty of field and harvesting work. On Wednesday, for instance, my team mate Melissa and I harvested rat tailed radishes for the csa boxes. They get their name from looking like peas and tasting like radishes.

Later that day, Maya and I helped Lynn move the worm bin (that’s the pretty wood box in the photograph next to Maya and Lynn).  We are redecorating at the farm in order to set up what I am calling our new “Compost Tea Room.” This will be a covered area by the compost piles where we will make compost tea and hopefully sit and drink regular tea as well.

The week ended on Friday with my teammates belting out a rendition of “Everybody” by the Back Street Boys. This was a funny thing to watch and listen to as we stood in the chicken run, just ask Maya and Sabi. I’m not a 90’s kid like the bulk of my team, but I will admit to singing out the initial line of “Everybody” based on something we were learning with the chickens.  My teammates took it from there. They knew every single line! I was dying.  YeaaaahAaaaa.

All this is to illustrate that I never know what will happen on the farm. Sometimes surprising things make me laugh out loud here, or feel sentimental, or solve problems in my head. There are so many reasons to be here at this farm in Pomona, not the least of which is the “naturally” silty soil. Yep, we learned in farm class from Rishi that Pomona land is way better for planting vegetables than glamour girls Claremont and Upland because of the make up of the soil.   As a Pomona girl, that made me feel even better than catching the gopher.

Until next week…YeeaaahAaaaa.

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