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We all get up really early to be at the farm. I know I try really hard to get there at 7am even though I wake up at 5am. We start at 7am and put in our hours so we have the luxury of cutting out at 11am when it’s not blazing hot. We made that switch from 8am to 7am on those 105 degree days when it was unbearable to walk down the farm in a light t-shirt. That switch made a difference on the back end (11am), but it also made a huge difference on the front end (7am). On the first day of my internship I was terrified of being a few minutes late. That’s eased up a bit now simply because I have a pretty reliable morning routine at home before I get to the farm. My start time has pushed back about 30 minutes just because of life and habits, but there is something so refreshing about being at the farm and clocking in at 7am. I feel connected to all those farmers in California, in the Midwest and all over the whole world when I’m up early and digging into the soil when they are (minus the time difference). There’s this sense of community and this generosity of sharing a web of knowledge about the earth that seems to blossom at that hour. I feel like the crops have bigger ears in the morning and every wish we carry for them sinks into each veiny leaf just a little deeper.  Like when we discuss how the earth and plants have changed overnight carries a little more weight in the morning than at any other time of day. It’s that 7am hour on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday that feels so fleeting and yet so special. It’s special because we are all trying to grow food, we are all trying to wake up, and we are all trying to figure out where to put our feet. But I learned that we are also just trying to BE together. Hearts to my fellow Farmies. <3