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Cooking is one of my biggest challenges these days. I eat practically the same thing everyday and I have other food, but I just don’t know what to do with it. I love getting cool, new produce in my weekly box. I feel so good getting it and eating it. But after dutifully persevering it in the right places in my kitchen, I then stare at it until some idea pops into my head to do something with it. Whenever I’ve participated in organic produce delivery, I’ve come across this problem and it’s a good problem to have. It forces me to research, to ask friends and colleagues for ideas, and to scuffle with this question again and again, “What am I going to make now?” The “now” part is key here too because I rarely make something well in advance that I know is for sometime in the future. I always procrastinate until NOW is right in my face. My stomach is growling and sometimes that vacant expression washes so thick over my face I just don’t know what to do. I’ve gotten into the regular habit of making beans in the crockpot, which is good, and to have hard boiled eggs ready for snack time. Being on the farm has forced me into questioning what to do with this food and to actually do something with it. In this day and age when I think about transferable skills, COOKING IS THE ONE. I’m no chef, but you can be sure that I ask that question everyday and I try to get as creative as I can with the food I harvest every week. It’s a work in progress. Every water spinach I slice or carrot I unearth, I think “hmm, how am I going to get this in my belly and make it tasty?” And I think that’s a pretty good challenge to take on.