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This week we got the lowdown on the inner workings of CSA and the financial viability of a farm. To say the least, it was a tough nut to swallow. That said, there are other joys that come with farming, much like the joys of raising children. After watching Roger Dioran’s Ted Talk on growing your own vegetables, he claims that “to keep up with population growth, more food will have to be produced worldwide over the next 50 years than has been during the past 10,000 years combined.” He also said that over the course of that time frame, we need to grow all this food with less oil, farmland, water, climate stability, time and genetic diversity. As I’ve been thinking about how operating a farm seems to be 100% not in our favor, I can’t help but think, “But this is FOOD we’re talking about.” This isn’t a project of manufacturing plastic toys from China. This is stuff we actually need it to survive as a species. And we burden farmers to provide it all for us so that we don’t have to grow it ourselves. But, and there’s a big but here…we CAN grow it ourselves. Maybe not all of it, but that’s exactly why Sarvodaya Farms is here. To teach us how to grow food. I’m grateful to have learned how to grow vegetables here and my curiosity has only grown. I see how challenging it is to have and manage an urban farm. I see how education and creating systems of financial support have to go hand in hand to make this all work. And I see how a small group of very dedicated people are crucial to making this operation stay alive and well. And the joy of seeing all that happen well is the sweet spot.


The Ted Talk by Roger Dioran: