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Thinking about weather changes these days. The weather has dropped nearly 40 degrees on the farm and it changes not only what I plant but it changes the whole mood of the farm. In one sense I feel like I’m more calm and since I don’t feel beads of sweat rolling down my back, I feel less uncomfortable. Even being under the central tent feels different. It’s darker and your eyes adjust to the shadows and light. It looks like a different place. Just gets me to think about how the same things we look at day in and day out, appear to be different in the absence of sunlight. Sometimes good things appear less good in the dark. And bad things don’t appear that bad in the light. Even the crops appear different to the eye under this overcast light. They appear more healthy to me, like they have an added glow. But that’s just me. What about what everyone else perceives? Do things appear healthier to them under the marine layer? I wonder how many times we all see the same way? Probably very few times. And yet, I feel like we expect others to see things the way we see them way more than can be actually possible. That’s a pretty unrealistic expectation, right? So as I reflect on how light influences my perception I see that not seeing things in the same way kinda sucks because we lose that chance to share. But it’s also kinda great because there’s more life to experience than meets the eye.