CSA Membership for Pomona Residents

Sarvodaya Farms is working towards keeping more of the produce we grow within the city we call home, Pomona. In working towards this goal, we are offering low- and middle- income Pomona residents membership to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at a 20% discount. If you are a low- or middle-income Pomona Resident and would like to join our CSA, please select an option below and checkout.

Our farm operates on a limited budget with many volunteers contributing. If you are a middle- or high-income Pomona Resident, and can afford our full membership rates, please return to our CSA page and select a standard membership.

We also accept EBT for members within Pomona. For information on how to sign up with EBT, please contact us by phone at 909 660 3514 or by email at info@thegrowingclub.com.

CSA Options for Pomona Residents

Trial CSA Memberships for Pomona Residents