Sign Up For Our CSA

2015-08-12 CSA Box (Large)We are very excited to launch the Sarvodaya Farms Weekly CSA Share! Sign up here to receive a wonderfully delicious box of produce from our beyond organic farm every week.

About our Farm

Our farm produces a large variety of produce using absolutely no petroleum-based pesticides, fertilizers, or fungicides. In fact, we go through lots of extra effort, not only to keep our farm free of dangerous chemicals, but also to keep our soil healthy and biologically active. Our crops are grown the old-fashioned way with a variety of organic materials such as compost, worm castings, rabbit manure, horse manure, and coffee grounds. We use drip irrigation to water our crops, so we have a very small water footprint, and we grow a large variety of heirloom and open-pollinated vegetable varieties.

What is a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is designed to help farmers and eaters connect in a intimate relationship that helps both parties. Eaters commit to purchasing a set amount of produce each week, and farmers deliver the freshest, highest quality produce on a regular basis.

What you can expect

With our CSA program, you can expect to receive a wide variety of vegetables and herbs that taste better than anything you have ever had before. We grow mostly heirloom and exotic varieties unavailable at any supermarket or farmer’s market. Your weekly box will include approximately 8 items, and will include fruit when seasonally available.

Your box will include enough produce to feed a family of 4 eating a regular amount of produce for one week.

Will I get to choose my produce?

A CSA is designed to help farmers and eaters work together. Our farm will work hard all season to provide you with a large selection of delicious produce and instructions on how to cook items you may be unfamiliar with. However, CSA members will not be given the chance to choose their produce. We will select the best, in-season produce for you.

How much does it cost?

Our CSA shares cost $30 per week, and you may sign up for a trial for 4 weeks to start. After that you will have to change to a Full CSA Membership for 13 weeks.

CSA Pickup and Delivery Options

Every week, CSA members must come to pickup their own CSA box (delivery option also available). CSA Pickup Options are:

* A – Sarvodaya Farms – Wednesday – 9am to Noon
* B – The Growing Home – Wednesday – 4pm to 7pm
* C – Pasadena at Hill Ave – Wednesday- 3pm to 7pm
* D – Delivery – Wednesday – Noon to 3pm (more info below)

Delivery Option

We do offer a delivery option for homes within 10 miles of the farm. The delivery charge is $1/mile. Please find the distance from our farm to your delivery location using Google Maps (our address is 1196 S San Antonio Ave, Pomona, CA), then select the distance from the drop down menu. If you need help calculating the distance, please contact us at 909 660 3514 and we will assist you.