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This is me with Sabi and my cousin that we brought to visit the farm.

These two chickens Falla and Sweetie both have passed away.  I am very sad because these two were my favorites.  As you can see we brought them both out to get the bugs that day.

I’ve had chickens almost my whole life and it’s always hard to have a chicken die.  Especially the bantam hen, because I had a bantam hen when I was younger.  She was a big puffball, a black silkie hen, and so of course, I named her, “Puffy.”  The other chickens picked on her, so I had her in a separate little area.  She had one chick and the chick’s name was Millie.  She was very loving and caring and great mom.  I would put food in my hand and she would pick it out right from my hand.  One day after a long time of having her, she went missing.  A few days later, my mom found her dead in a plastic bag that had hay in it.  She had pecked her way in but could not get out.   My heart was broken, because she was my special chicken.  I drew a picture of her and me with a heart up above it and I put it on my wall.  I still think about her often.

So when the bantam hen at the farm, died, I felt really sad. All my other teammates, me, Sabi, Manju and my mom picked flowers and said a little something about her, above her resting place.

Falla was an Americana hen, and me and Laurette named her Falla because she had Fall colors.  She died because she got sick and lost her voice.

This picture is a great memory picture. I’m glad I really got to know them for as long as I did.


This week we switched stations. My team went to nursery! We learned about the watering, and how to make the finished soil (which is my favorite job)

(Maya will add text soon)

This week at the farm we demolished a mulch pile! We put mulch everywhere. We put some in the back where the chickens are, in the chicken run and behind it. We also added to the path that was being made on the left side of the farm.

Oh this week we let the chickens out! It’s been fun figuring out their personalities. I’ve already named six chickens including two of the black ones. There are Holly, Jackie, Falla…those are ones that Laurette helped me name. Then there is Sweetie, she’s the small bantam hen. Then there are Crowna and Calli, two black hens, Australorps.

On Friday, we had a feast and a book discussion with Elinor. I really liked the vegan tamale casserole!

I look forward to next week:)

On Monday we switched stations. Field went to chickens. Chickens went to nursery. Nursery went to field. I was a little sad at first because I was learning and enjoying being on the field but I also was really excited to go to the chicken station. We also changed compost team and I am on it this time!

On Friday, we mulched the chicken area and while we were mulching we got to talk to each other.  I learned more about what everyone does for a living. I liked getting to know more about everyone.

I was also excited because I was thinking about adopting some of Rishi’s older chickens.

A few weeks ago we found out that the chickens were going to go to Rishi’s house to be slaughtered.  Lucas, Sabi and I were talking to Brooke about it and she said that they had said she could take Aussie (the chicken) because they saw that Brooke had a special bond with Aussie.  But she was sad because she didn’t have any place to keep Aussie.  So I offered to see if we could take Aussie, because we have eight chickens already.  I asked my mom and she said that was fine, but she would talk to Pearl about it and maybe we should take more than one chicken so Aussie would have a friend.  Also it’s important to have more than one chicken when introducing new chickens to a big flock.  Pearl said yes and we arranged to get them today.

So after the farm, we headed to Rishi and Pearl’s house…but along the way we stopped at an India Sweet and Spices store and Pearl showed us all of the different spices that she suggested we have so as she mentions a recipe, we will have the correct spices for Indian cooking.  (My mom has been asking her for recipes).  After this, we went to her house and had a delicious  Indian lunch. I watched her cook lentil papad and display the other food.

Then we went out to the chickens.  We decided that we would get three!  Sabi chose Aussie, I chose Falouf and Penguin.  My mom wanted to get another one but we couldn’t fit another one in the carrier that we had brought.

I was surprised that they were very quiet during our drive home. I kept forgetting that we had chickens in the back.    When we got home, we let them roam in our backyard until it was night. Then we put them in the carrier and brought it inside so they could sleep.  We are not putting them into the coop yet because we need to introduce them to our chickens slowly.  Because chickens have a pecking order, the older chickens might pick on the new ones and fight.

On Monday my dad came to the farm. It was cool to have my whole family there. On Wednesday we came for the lecture that Rishi gave. On Friday only Laurette and I were there from our team.We also found out that it was our last day on the field station. Laurette and I walked the fields with Manju. We went through all the fields and checked out all the plants. This week has been the best last week on the field station.

Also while me and chica were harvesting lettuce one time, we made up a radio station called whoo 37.1. and we would interview each other about what we were doing. So we decided that we should interview other interns. This week I interviewed Laurette, but the file is too big so we can’t upload it here. I’m going to try and edit it.

In Elinor’s fermentation class, we got to make our own fermented pickles. It was very cool being able to pick what was going to go in your jar. The only thing was that the onions made me go blind!

Oh also after the class that Elinor gave on fermentation, we stayed there for a while and I buried myself in the mulch and here’s a picture:

On Monday I spent most of my time with the chickens. I helped out with getting the eggs, feeding, and putting them up. I also did some harvesting with Chika. We were harvesting spinach. I had a great time.


On Wednesday we couldn’t make it for the morning part but we came for the lesson about composting. I learned a lot from that lesson like how to make a compost pile and how to take care of it. And I am looking forward to learning some more!!!

On Friday we didn’t go to the farm because it was pouring and we didn’t want to be driving in the rain. I was disappointed but I didn’t want to be in the car in rain either.

This week at the farm has definitely been fun.

Intro- I am here because my mom and I have been really into gardening. When my mom found out about this internship, she told us that she was going to sign us up, and I got really excited!

On our way there, on the first day, I was wondering what it was going to be like being one of the youngest interns. The first day there was great! The field management team (my team) was shown around the farm. Another day we were shown how to set gopher traps. It was hard for me to get it though. One day there was a giant pile of mulch that we spread over the trench on the left side of the farm. I was amazed that we got it all done in one day!

It’s been cool getting to know my fellow team mates and the other interns. I enjoyed harvesting and talking with Chika. Thinning the plants is my favorite so far. Every morning on a farm day, I wake up early, excited and ready for a day at the farm!