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we shoveled stuff and made things grow

This week on the farm we built a shade structure. It was a week long process.  Monday we did the math to figure out how long the poles needed to be.

Then we got to work cutting them with a hand saw. Once we had finished we began assembling.  It took us a couple tries to figure out why the structure’s top was slanted, but once we figured it out it went pretty fast…until we asked manju if it was too wide.

On our second go, after we had adjusted the length accordingly, it went a lot faster and by the end of the day we had finished the frame.  So we popped on the shadecloth and mounted the poles.

Friday went alot faster since we already had the measurements and knew how to do it. By 10:30 we had finished and mounted it.  We then connected the gap between the two structures to make them one. After that, since we still had time, we dug up the tree in the nursery and moved it to the raised bed with the flowers. It was a productive week and I definitely enjoyed myself!!


This week on the farm was our first week doing our nursery chores without any guidance from Rishi. It was really cool getting the fertilizer ready and the seedlings watered. This week we also got some seeds in a seed tray. We planted tomatoes, peppers and something else (I forgot ).

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to next time on the farm!

Monday was presidents day so my dad had the day off and he decided to come to the farm. It was really cool having my dad there because one, I enjoyed having my whole family there and two, because it was fun knowing more than my dad.

Monday was a compost day for me so I started the day doing compost, we created a pile on Monday putting sticks at the bottom then doing layers of horse manure, brewery waste, leaves, and old citrus fruit it was very interesting and fun and I was sad that it would be my last day on compost 🙁

Wednesday we came to the farm and listened to the lecture by Rishi.

By the way, Rishi is a natural (sorry I forgot to never say natural) speaker.

On Friday, Tyler and I shoveled mulch:


Monday: I had compost duty on Monday, so right when I got there I started on it. Traci and I were assigned to sifting the compost and storing it in the crates. First we would shovel some finished compost onto a sifter which we had set upon a wheelbarrow, then we would sift it into a wheelbarrow and take out the sticks that were left. We kept doing this until the wheelbarrow was full. Once it was full we would take an empty crate and fill it three inches with compost then we would sprinkle feathermeal on it, then another three inches of compost then we sprinkled kelp meal on it. We then did each of those steps one more time then we put the lid on the box, labeled it and then started on the next one. We did four of those. I also did some smaller jobs around the farm but that was the main thing that I did.


I also tried to eat a worm ( I spit it out) because Tyler said he would do it if I did, but that didn’t go so well

( they don’t taste great )but I’m glad I tried it…kind of…not really…no.


Wednesday: Unfortunately, because I have school on Wednesday, we didn’t make it until after eleven for the lesson, but I’m glad I came because I learned a lot about compost from Lynn.

Friday: Unfortunately, it rained on Friday and my dad used our truck so he could drive safely in the rain.. so we couldn’t come that day (shucks).

Overall I am really enjoying my time at the farm and I’m glad we signed up!!!

Intro-   I’m here because my mom decided to do the farm internship.

At first I thought I wouldn’t like it, but since coming I’ve found that I actually enjoy it. I especially enjoyed shoveling the compost and learning how a compost pile is built. Another day I helped build a lizard house by laying down bricks then covering them with layered sticks. We built it because lizards like small spaces where they can hide. Another thing I like about being at the farm is talking to the other interns. I’ve had some good conversations. As you can tell I’m not really a blogger (at all) so…the end.