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This week my team and me have gotten the hang a little bit with the chickens. I am now way more comfortable catching the chickens. It is also getting much easier to catch the chickens and putting them back in the coops. The older white chickens seem to be the ones who give us a hard time. I think the chickens are also getting used to going in and out of the coops. Hopefully by the following weeks the chickens can get better at being rounded up.

This week the weather was warmer than I’ve been used to. It felt like summer was already here. I have to say it wasn’t the easiest. But it is all about listening to your body and making sure you have drank enough water, or if you need to sit down for a bit, or if you just need a moment to cool down. I had to remind my self to do this since I end to just push though sometimes just to get things done.

This week I was able to have some time off work and stayed for the Friday food and nutrition class. Let me just say the food was not only phenomenal it was such a great experience being able to sit with my fellow peers and share the wonderful meal together. I enjoyed sitting across everyone and take in the “mmm” energy.

Now to the food: First of all I’d like to thank those who helped prepare such a lovely spread, the food was laid out in such a lovely way I didn’t know what to chose first. I liked the way Eleanor broke down each entre and side dish to us. It was also nice to know how everything was prepared and what was included in each dish. It was also great to see the different types of dishes prepared for those who ate meat, those who were vegan, and vegetarians. The more options, the more things I could try! Each dish felt like it was planed out so clever and complimented each other. Great job team!

It was such a reward to look forward to at the end of the week and a great start to my weekend.

This week was more learning experiences for me. Caught my first chicken and was able to hold one. They are pretty sweet gals and it felt nice to hold and pet one. It feels really soothing taking care of the chickens; they require much more care then I ever knew. I like that I am learning how to take care of them and it has inspired me to want to be able to own some chickens one day. My team and I are getting the hang of things. We have even named some of the interesting looking chickens.

I’m on salad team now. Let me tell you how excited I am. I like being artistic and I quite enjoy expressing that in many ways. Can’t wait to decorate and make the salads look beautiful. This week I was actually able to purchase a salad and it was delicious!

Entry 7

This is the first week of transitioning to the animal team. It was a bit interesting getting into the swing of new tasks and making mistakes. It’s all about the learning process. Shout out to my green team (I know you aren’t fond of the temporary name) for holding it down and getting the hang of things together.

I find it kind of neat how as we transition there was also a new transition of chickens that came in to the farm. I believe it is going to be perfect getting to know the new chickens and them getting to know us. We are both starting off anew. I have never worked with chickens and I am very excited to master this task. I hope to become really comfortable catching them, they are pretty fast little gals.

Another part of being in the animal team is of course tending to the cats! I love cats o this is quit the treat for me. I was able to get close to one cat as it was eating and I touched its fur briefly. I also hope these cats will be come comfortable with me enough to let me pet them fully.

Really excited to what’s ahead and becoming bffs with the cats and chickens.

As some of you may know I love cats. I think they are the cutest things and I was so happy to see so many of them when I first stepped foot on the farm. It sealed the deal and then I knew this was the place for me. Although these guys don’t let me pet them and often run away when I get too close I still hope that one day they will let me love them. With that being said I decided to write about some of the cool things that cats can do! Hope you enjoy it!
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Some of the pictures of this weeks harvest . I was surrounded by beautiful colors and wonderful textures.

Friday was awesome! I never knew I could have so much fun and feel a great sense of accomplishment transporting mulch to expand the walkway and garden beds. It was such a great sunny day, not too cold ,not too warm. But anyways back to the mulch. That pile was pretty substantial, not too big , not too small but a good amount. They said it couldn’t be finished all in one day. Me and my team rose to the challenge and decided this will be done today !

I think the determination to finish gave us all the strength to take on this pile together . I have never shoveled so fast in my life ! As the pile diminished we started to falter and we took several small breaks. Some more people got involved and helped as we took our breaks in rotation. It is important to keep hydrated. Burst of energy would come and go but the determination and persistency was there. A quarter to 12 pm stuck and the pile was diminished . High five team ! And to those who helped along the way you rock too! Hooray for mulch !

My name is Melissa Cordova and I am a recent graduate of the University of California , Merced . I earned a B.A. in psychology and double minored in environmental sciences and sustainablity along with sociology. I joined the farmer training program because I felt passionate about food growth and the importance of community gardens , especially in urban settings. I wanted to get hands on experience working in this setting to better understand its importance and hopefully in the future go on to graduate school to study the environment and society. I would want to help be a part of the policy making and protection of such communities. And hopefully in the future have my own urban garden/farm. Below I have written about my first week at the farm and the feelings I experienced while there.

It’s an early freezing morning with rain falling sporadically and I’m standing on the farm waiting for the sun to fully rise so I can feel its warmth . My toes and hands are as cold as can be but as I’m standing there waiting for the start of the day in the farm I can’t help but feel joy . Although my body is slowly adjusting to the cold I couldn’t think of another place I’d like to be but here. Eager to learn more and start I patiently take everything in. The smells , the air , the atmosphere.

Wednesday was especially great because I got a chance to harvest vegetables . It was good to be able to pick food from the growing ground. To feel freshness and be able to touch and taste the different flavors each vegetable provided. New ones I haven’t heard of and ones I was familiar with. As the sun rose and warmed my body I felt a sense of completeness . A sense of relief of a day well spent and to the other dsys yet to come.