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Hey All!

Apologize I am so late with all of my entries been going through some technical difficulties but excited to travel back to the beginning. 🙂

My name is Dawn Quintanilla and I am one of the 8 fortunate interns at Sarvoyada. I recently moved to California and immediately wanted to get back in the farming world. I had worked one season at an organic-sustainable farm in Pepperell, MA. Farming here was a great experience. I did something I had always wanted to do and I am grateful to them for a beginning into farming; however, I often wanted to know why we were doing certain things and how we were affecting the environment around us. I left knowing a new skill but not really having gain much knowledge as to the why. Working on the farm was one of the best things I ever did for myself and quickly wanted to get back to it when I landed in Cali, but I soon learned there was a lot for me to learn before jumping right back into working at farm. When my roommate told me about the internship at Sarvodaya I knew it’s where I would gain the knowledge I had been looking for. Farming is both a passion and necessity to me. I have experienced the magic and healing that comes from farming and want to be able to know how to do it in the most ecological way so that others and the planet can heal as well. From the moment I stepped on to Sarvodaya I felt and saw life, a life I wanted to be apart of.

While going to the farm I would jam out to the Nicki Minaj song, “Moment For Life.” I would often repeat this one lyric to myself, “Cause in this moment I just feel so alive, alive, alive. This moment I wish I could have for live…” I would say this as I was doing various task or noticing all aliveness around me. In the first week I could feel and both see the aliveness of the farm. The many armies of ants marching about on the drip lines. The birds flying in and out the trees. Chickens clucking about-making strange sounds I had never heard. Being shown the importance of ponds and seeing the bees take a drink from them along with the cats. The fruit growing from the trees, the abundance of produce being harvested and then new plants being planted in their place. The many earthworms and rollie pollies deep in the earth. Eager pinter bugs and gophers wanting to take what Sarvodaya has to offer. The people doing various jobs throughout the farm. New friends to be made mixed with old friends completing their time at the farm.

During the first week, we learned about farming as an ecosystem and compared the difference to agricultural farming. An ecosystem relies on the environment to work with each other and to create food. In ecological farming there is more receiving than taking. In agricultural farming it is more about taking or getting produce. Nothing else seems to matter besides getting the food and destruction often occurs. The sense of aliveness at the farm is because it is alive. The soil is alive, the chickens are alive, the trees are alive, the ponds are alive, the earthworms are alive, and everything is working together to give to and receive from each other.

I continue to feel alive and look forward to writing about the life of the farm. Knowing this journey is only getting started. 🙂