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Monday was quite an interesting morning and the highlight of the week I must say. I was walking towards the nursery to plant some wheatgrass when i see on the corner of my eye one of the cats on the other side of the fence on the other yard over. Which is normal but it was walking a little different and appeared to have something in its mouth. Thats when i noticed little feet dangling from its mouth. It crawled under the fence back onto the farm towards the nursery where the cat released the gopher. I first thought the cat had caught a mouse but it was much to big. The gopher was still alive! The cat continued to chase and play with the gopher making it think it had a chance for escape.The cat would hit , paw at, bite and toss the gopher all kinds of ways . There was a point were I wanted the cat to end it already and put this poor gopher out of its misery. But this is very norma behavior for cats , as they like to “play” with their food. It is sort of like sport for them to do this to their prey. After about 30 mins cat had laid to rest and so did the gopher . The cat took a short break and then went on to consume the gopher . That was my cue to go ahead and continue my task that I had originally began to do but the excitement and slight discomfort of the whole scene still lingered as the day week went on. Oh and if you didn’t get from the end of the story there, the gopher lost =/ .

Here is a picture of the cat who ate the gopher

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  • Valentina Garcia says:

    Yay, 🐈!
    I was going to write: Cat 1, Gopher 0
    but I know Cat has many more points than 1 😄
    Well, that’s life on the farm…in the city!
    I’m hoping my neighbors’ cats do the same favor for my garden!

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