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The cabbage has been coming in nicely and Wednesday I was lucky enough to harvest some for the CSA. I have been secretly keeping a tally of all the cool vegetables I want to harvest the most. cabbage was one of them. Seeing them in their early stages when I first started my internship I thought it was so cool to see them in the early stages and how I really wanted to see their process and harvest them. Every time I harvest something new I feel a very happy rush come over me. I get really eager because every vegetable has a different technique of knowing when it’s ready to when to harvest them and how. It’s very specific and unique. The cabbage for example you have to feel to make sure the head was ready. Some of these cabbages were huge! At first my thought was the size determined that they were ready to harvest but that wasn’t the case. It’s all about the feeling of the head and making sure it is hard. You can feel if the cabbage is ready to harvest.

Besides harvesting the cabbage I also got to harvest some red beets. These beets were beautiful to harvest. They had such interesting shapes and color. I was able to take some these beets home after the harvest and I made them as a stir-fry with some dino kale as well. It was delicious. The beets were so rich in color when I cut into them they bled such a pretty red color. It was almost alarming since I have not seen that before (I’ve only had canned beets). The final production was great and it was quite a satisfying meal. It’s safe to say beets are now my favorite new vegetable.