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As the weather is changing, we are starting to introduce new veggies to the beds.  Many of our greens are beginning  to bolt, a process they go through in order to flower and drop their seed.  Now that I am on the ‘fields team’ I feel a great responsibility for the upkeep of the beds and for a successful integration of the Summer crops.

Part of the process begins with clearing the beds, and this week we cleared the Mibuna and some of the remaining Yukina Savoy.  Both had bolted and developed these fibrous stalks that are quite inedible.  However, some of the stems of the stalks are soft and can snap off the top quite easily.  To my surprise, these stalks can actually be harvested and used in stir fry’s!  I am continuously amazed by the practical and resourceful ideas I am learning on the farm.  Before I began interning at the farm, I thought that the bolting process meant that I had somehow done something wrong (negligence!!) but now I see how bolting is just a part of the plant life-cycle!


More learning to come this week!!